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Do you have a particular idea or would you like an original piece? A stylish chair or furniture for the whole living room. It’s up to you



We start with learning our client. We want to understand your lifestyle, recognize your ideas, dreams and wishes. We want to know about your expectations.


Studies and sketches

We introduce you to the main idea. We’ll show you the final product, its shape, material and describe its functionality.


First drafts

The rough outlines get shape. We combine colors, materials, furniture, lighting and decorations. Finally a 3D virtual visualization is made in a computer model.


Our suggestions

We will present you our suggestions both on paper and computer. We’ll give you sketches, previews, specifications, descriptions and we can take you on a 3D visual tour of the project on your demand. We can also offer you a scale model made with 3D printing.


Technical documentation

We can start the project with your approval. Then we prepare all the technical documentation for the craftsmen.



We create a prototype and we supervise the craftsmen.


Andrysík upholstery


Built-in bookcase

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