Your dreams
become reality

Fulfilled dreams

We alter your space at your will. Maybe you wish to have a cosy office while retaining its modernity. Or you could intend to renovate a practical kitchen… You have an idea and we are able to fulfill it.



We start with learning our client. We want to understand your lifestyle, recognize your ideas, dreams and wishes. We want to know about your expectations Without this introduction we might not be able to fully grasp your ideas.

Then we have a look at the given space because we need to count with the object’s physical properties. Then the rest is up to us.


Pondering and musing

Rough drafts are being created. We think about the elementary layout of the walls, furniture and room zones. We seek to make it functional and pretty at the same time.


First drafts

The rough outlines get shape. We combine colors, materials, furniture, lighting and decorations. Finally a 3D virtual visualization is made in a computer model.


Our suggestions

We will present you our suggestions both on paper and computer. We’ll give you sketches, previews, specifications, descriptions and we can take you on a 3D visual tour of the project on your demand. We can also offer you a scale model made with 3D printing.



We can start the project with your approval. We can prepare all the technical documentation for the workers. Now you have two possibilities. Either you know your own supplier, or you can leave it up to us. We prefer the second possibility because only then we can carefully supervise the project.



We work and supervise. In addition to the work itself, we will provide you with the technical documentation. Everything comes with a guarantee.

RD Modřice

Bistro Bastardo Štefánikova

Bistro Bastardo náměstí Svobody

Palírna Ginu

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